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Kiera’s Quest: Sacrifices

Kiera's Quest: Sacrifices

“Kiera’s Quest: Sacrifices” is the second installment in the Kiera’s Quest YA series by Kristy Brown.  The story picks up where “Awakenings” left off.  Kiera has joined forces with Prince Zakk to save their friends Joe and Daz from the clutches of the evil Witch Queen.

The pair must race against time and the Witch’s minions to free their friends from the Witch’s clutches and prevent her from taking over the Earth and the entire universe.

“Sacrifices” was very fast paced and hard to put down.  The great characters from “Awakenings” are back for more in this installment.  Plus there are some new fiends and friends to keep things interesting.  If you enjoyed the first book I think you will be entertained with Book 2.  If you haven’t yet read “Awakenings”, I recommend reading it first.

Orphan Train: A Novel


“Orphan Train: A Novel”, by Christina Baker Kline is about the journey of an orphaned Irish immigrant named Vivian (originally Niamh) in 1929 and Molly Ayers, a modern-day orphan locked into the foster system.

Molly meets Vivian through her boyfriend when she is assigned community service for an incident involving a stolen copy of Jane Eyre from the local library.  She will be helping the 90+-year-old clean out her attic.  As they begin to go through the boxes Molly learns the story of Vivian and the orphan trains and realizes that her life isn’t the only one that has been hard. Continue reading

Dancing Naked in Dixie

dancing naked in dixie

“Dancing Naked in Dixie”, by Lauren Clark is a fun and entertaining read.  The novel is about New Yorker, Julia Sullivan, a travel writer whose new boss turns out to be her estranged father.   After years of jet-setting Julia’s starting to make mistakes and miss deadlines.  The new ‘boss’ gives her a make or break assignment in Eufalia, Alabama.  It’s not exactly the kind of place Julia normally frequents so she is less than excited. Continue reading

High Seas Adventure

Mason Key II

“Aloft and Alow” is the second novel in The Mason Key series by David Folz.  The adventure begins with John Mason aboard a British tall ship that is engaged in battle with a much larger French ship.  Through cunning and ingenuity John and another mate are able to board the French vessel and capture it empty.  Then with only the two of them and an injured mate they must sail this large ship through a hurricane.

They soon discover they are not alone on the ship and enlist the help of the young female stowaway and her seedy companion.  The storm is too much for them and the ship and John and Marie end up stranded on a deserted island.  As they make the best of their situation the Mason Key that John has been entrusted with reveals its 2nd secret. Continue reading

What Lurks Behind Closed Doors?

the neighbors are watching

“The Neighbors are Watching”, by Debra Ginsberg is an intriguing tale of what may go on behind closed doors in an otherwise normal neighborhood in San Diego.  The story begins when Joe Montana’s 17-year-old, pregnant daughter shows up on his front porch.  He had never told his wife Allison that he’d even fathered a child and she is suddenly thrust into their home.  Needless to say difficulties ensue.

Theirs is not the only house on the block with problems.  The overbearing neighbor and his nosy wife don’t seem to know that their son is high most of the time.  Another neighbor seems to be running a call girl operation out of her home. Then there’s the kid down the street alternately banging away at the piano or the basketball.

As summer becomes fall the unraveling continues until it culminates in the Santa Ana driven wildfires of 2007.  As fire closes in on the neighborhood everyone is evacuated; but not everyone returns.

I really enjoyed this novel.  The cast of characters were intriguing and well-developed.  The story was told from different points of view at different times so you were able to get in the head of the characters and see what was driving them and actually going on in their homes.  I thought Allison’s complete melt down was a bit much but, more understandable as the novel got into what the reason behind it was. The pacing of the story kept the pages turning and the suspense building.  All in all, a worthy read.