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Olympic Dreams

The Games

“The Games”, by Claire Carver-Dias, is an engrossing story of a group of Olympic hopefuls that are training for their chance to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games.  There is also one disaffected individual who is training for something more sinister at the opening ceremonies. Continue reading

Revolutionary Lives


“In the Time of the Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez is a powerful story about four sisters caught up in the fever of revolution during the Trujillo years in the Dominican Republic.  It is historical fiction based on a similar event.  The story is told by each sister, in turn, through diary and journal entries. Continue reading

Faith Found

The God Gene

“The God Gene”, by Jaymie Simmon is a gripping story of science and faith and where they might intersect.  Rosalind Evans is a brilliant scientist working on a cure for leukemia. Her young daughter, Claire died from the disease and Rosalind feels responsible because she wasn’t able to save her.  Her work at the prestigious Clearbrook Institute involves mapping the genetic code of leukemia patients so that a cure can be achieved. Continue reading

Past & Present Collide

Beneath the Butterfly Tree

Ben Lokey’s “Beneath the Butterfly Tree” is an engaging novel that is both historical and current.  Lokey weaves the story of the Chumash Indian tribe in the mid-1800’s with a modern-day developer’s dilemma.

In the mid-1800’s missionaries descend on the coastal Chumash Indian tribe and take many of them away to “civilize” them and teach them about God.  As a result a young boy is separated from his family and the girl he loves.  He bides his time until he can escape from the mission and make his way back to the village. Continue reading

A Journey to Self Discovery

Book Review of The Sock Wars

“The Sock Wars”, by Maia Sepp, is the story of a young woman’s journey to self discovery following the death of her last remaining relative.

Lucy Tuttle thinks her life is on track.  She is a workaholic financial planner with her own condominium.  She lives life by the numbers and they bring her a sense of security.  She has a steady boyfriend, Oliver, an environmentalist who loves organic gardening and lentils. Continue reading