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The Saga (& Fun!) Continues

Kiera's Quest Perceptions
Kristy Brown’s 3rd installment in the Kiera’s Quest YA series, “Perceptions” does not disappoint.  It begins where “Sacrifices” left off.  The evil Witch Queen is on earth masked as Kiera and Daz, Joe, Maddy and the rest of the gang don’t know she isn’t really Kiera. Continue reading

Weaving Past & Present

Maiden's VeilI just finished reading “Maiden’s Veil” by Lisa Constantino and really enjoyed it.  I found myself not wanting to put it down, which is always a good sign.  The story was both tragic and engaging.

The story moves between past and present and gradually weaves it into one fabric.  Clarinda Asher is a weaver in a remote mid-evil English village.  She has been banished to live atop a hill outside the village after participating in an ancient fertility ceremony called the Maiden’s Veil.  Jess is a modern-day weaver from America who wanders into Clarinda’s village in search of fabric and inspiration.  There she meets Owen, a disenchanted husband and historian.  They immediately spark a connection that will have far-reaching consequences for both them and the town.  As the details of Clarinda’s banishing slowly emerge and secrets are revealed, parallel events take place in the present day. Continue reading

Star Crossed Love

The_Fault_in_Our_StarsJohn Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” is a brilliant young adult story of love, cancer and friendship that will speak to a person at any age.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer the characters on. Continue reading

A Battle for Independence

WarsawConspiracy“The Warsaw Conspiracy” by James Conroyd Martin is a riveting tale of Poland’s fight for independence from the Russians after the Napoleonic years.  The story takes place from 1830 – 1831 and is set against the November Rising of 1931.

Anna, the mother of Michal and Josef has already lost a son to war and does everything in her power to keep her youngest, Josef, from the military.  However he is impassioned to fight for an independent Poland and joins the cadets.  Michal, the much older son, fought beside his brother in the Napoleonic wars and watched him die.  He is content to manage the family affairs, while the father Jan is imprisoned in Siberia.  Iza, daughter of Anna’s cousin, Zofia, has left the convent and is trying to assimilate back into normal society.  Barbara, Anna’s daughter, is married to a Russian that the rest of the family distrusts but tolerates for her sake. As the unrest deepens and rumors of an uprising start stirring through Warsaw the lives of the family members are turned upside down by struggle, battles, fear and heartbreak.  Through it all love blossoms and the family is there for each other. Continue reading