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Romance in Dangerous Times

Call Me Duchess
“Call Me Duchess”, by Maggie Dove is a Victorian romance with a touch of Gothic intrigue thrown in for good measure.  The Wiggins’ sisters, whose father has gambled away their savings and their home, are off to London to land husbands during one “London Season” or resort to life as governesses.  Marguerite, the eldest, has long set her sights on the very eligible and wealthy Duke of Wallingford. Continue reading

A Reluctant Fairytale

Someone Else's Fairytale
“Someone Else’s Fairytale”, by E. M. Tippets is a fun romantic tale with a bit of suspense thrown in for good measure.  Chloe Winter’s is a hard-working student pursuing a post-graduate degree in forensic science in Albuquerque.  Her friend talks her into being an extra for a movie shoot where she meets Jason Vanderholt, one of Hollywood’s hottest stars.  Jason is quite taken with Chloe but she doesn’t have time in her life for romance, let alone the Hollywood nonsense.  He persists with friendship and romance follows. Continue reading

A New P.I. in Town

Ethan Justice Origins
“Ethan Justice – Origins” by Simon Jenner is an exciting debut novel and the first in a series that will be a must read.  It’s a fast paced thrill ride, filled with crazy villains and unlikely heroes.  The writing is witty and concise.

John Smith is the 32 year-old son of wealthy parents and is disappointing them with his lack of ambition.  His friend Bradshaw, a high-powered stock broker sets him up with Samantha, a newbie escort, then leaves him high and dry.  When John goes to Bradshaw’s to get money to pay Samantha he finds him brutally murdered.  And the adventure begins! Continue reading