Monthly Archives: February 2014

Catastrophic Odds

Odds Against Tomorrow
Nathaniel Rich’s “Odds Against Tomorrow” starts out as a somewhat quirky story about a math nerd and becomes an apocalyptic thrill ride.  The writing is tight and pulls the reader into the novel.  Rich combines humor, scenes of devastation and a touch of romance in a perfect blend. Continue reading

Marriage Most Deadly

The Silent Wife
“The Silent Wife”, by A. S. A. Harrison, is the story of a relationship that is rapidly unraveling and the deadly consequences of betrayal.  Jodi and Todd have been together for years and have developed a pattern of living which works for them.  Todd cheats and Jodi pretends not to know.  He’ll buy her a gift and all will be well.  Her way of thinking is that if they don’t confront the issues they don’t exist. Continue reading

Internet Dating Unleashed
“” by RW Bennett is unique take on the world of internet dating.  Paul Latimer is a venture capitalist looking for the next great idea so he can finally earn his father’s approval.  He’s been living in his rather lengthy shadow all his life.  When he receives an invitation to purchase the domain name along with a suggestion of making it an internet dating site he hatches a brilliant start-up. Continue reading