Monthly Archives: June 2014

An Army on the Run

Army of Worn Soles
“Army of Worn Soles”, by Scott Bury is a memoir written in a fictional style of Bury’s own father-in-law’s experience in the Russian army.  Maurice Bury, a Canadian citizen, was living in the part of Ukraine controlled by Poland when Germany invaded in 1939.  The USSR took control of the area that Maurice was living and in 1941 he was conscripted into the Russian army. Continue reading

Terror on the Water

borderline by nevada barr
“Borderline”, by Nevada Barr, is part of the Anna Pigeon series that takes place in different National Parks.  This was my first Pigeon novel and I will be going back to read more.  It’s a stand alone read but good enough that I want to read more. Continue reading

A Supernatural Mystery

The Winter People
Jennifer McMahon’s “The Winter People” is a definite page turner.  Sara Harrison Shea was found murdered in a field behind her home in 1908, mere months after the death of her young daughter.  Rumors around town say she still walks the streets and that the woods are a dangerous place to be. Continue reading

Crossing Lines

“Caleb’s Crossing”, by Geraldine Brooks tells the story of Caleb, the first Native American to graduate from Harvard in 1665. The story is narrated by Bethia, the young daughter of a Calvinist minister on the small island of Martha’s Vineyard. Continue reading