Monthly Archives: July 2014

Soaring Generations

“Wings” by Pete Abela, is a tale of a grandfather and grandson that share the joy of flying with each other.  Walt, the grandfather, is living in Lancashire, England at the start of World War II and is accepted into the R.A.F. as a pilot.  Scott, the grandson, lives in Australia and begins his pursuit of his pilot’s license at the age of 16. Continue reading

Romance in the Tropics

Silver Linings
“Silver Linings”, by Kate James, is so much more than just another romance story.  It has a depth and emotion to it that kept me glued to my chair long past when I should have been in bed, just so I could finish it. Continue reading

A Life of Hardship

Gap Creek
“Gap Creek” by Robert Morgan is the story of Julie Harmon and her husband, Hank, as they begin their married life in turn of the century Appalachia.  Before Julie married Hank, she did most of the heavy work on her family’s farm.  Her father had passed and it was left to the girls to run things.  When she marries Hank at the age of seventeen and moves to Gap Creek she quickly learns that there is no end in sight to the hard work. Continue reading

Conspiracy Thriller

“Sedition”, a political thriller by Tom Abrahams, is a gripping tale of conspiracy and intrigue. The United States is in the grip of a constitutional crisis when the President dies of an aneurism while there is not a sworn Vice President.  The order of succession is under attack on all sides.  Into this political soup enter the Daturans, a group of 6 who broke off from the Tea Party and want to affect change in Washington.  With the crisis under way they plot to make the succession issue a non-issue. Continue reading