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Family – For Better or Worse

This Is Where I Leave You
“This Is Where I Leave You” by Jonathan Tropper is a melancholy, sometimes humorous look at family angst and dysfunction.  Judd Foxmann’s father has died after a lengthy illness and his mother has gathered the family together to sit Shiva.  The siblings are all equally bewildered by this last request from their non-religious father. The Foxmann’s have not been together as a family for quite some time and now they will be forced to sit together in the same room for seven straight days. Continue reading

Stolen Youth

The Book Thief
“The Book Thief” my Markus Zusak was utterly captivating for me.  The story begins when Liesel Meminger is left in foster-care by her mother after the death of her brother.  It is 1939 Germany and Liesel’s father is missing and the family is on the run.  Liesel ends up in the care of the Hubermanns.  Mrs. Hubermann is abrasive and shrill; but Liesel finds a confidante in Mr. Hubermann.  Liesel is fascinated by books and when the opportunity presents itself she steals them. Continue reading

Voices for Change

The Invention of Wings
“The Invention of Wings”, by Sue Monk Kidd is based on real life abolitionist sisters, Sarah and Angelina Grimké.  The story spans several decades in pre-civil war Charleston, S.C.  The novel opens with Sarah receiving Handful, a negro slave, as a gift from her mother. Handful is to be Sarah’s personal slave.  Sarah is appalled and attempts to give her back or free her.  Her efforts are doomed to failure. Continue reading