Monthly Archives: November 2014

Vibrant Historical Tale

“Midwife of Venice” by Roberta Rich is a vibrant tale of 16th century Venice and the trials and tribulations of a Jewish couple living in an era of Christian persecution. Hannah Levi is a much sought after mid-wife who created secret ‘birthing spoons’ to help reluctant babies to be born.  Her husband, Isaac, has been captured and enslaved in Malta.  When a Christian count requests her assistance with his wife’s protracted birth she agrees, even though she knows it is against the law, because she will earn enough to ransom her husband back.  Continue reading

Friendships & Healing

The Language of Sparrows
“The Language of Sparrows” by Rachel Phifer is an engaging story of teenage angst, miscommunication and family dynamics.  Sierra Wright is 15 years old and brilliant, especially in languages.  She seems unable to communicate in her own language to the people who matter and goes through life hiding from everyone. Continue reading

Ghosts and Hidden Memories

The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit
“The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit”, by Graham Joyce is a spooky, ephemeral look and a pivotal summer in one young man’s life.  David Barwise is a college student who takes a summer job at a resort in a small beach town on the North Sea.  He was drawn to the town by a photo he found amongst his mother’s things, depicting him there with his father at the age of three. Continue reading

Heartwarming Holiday

A Child's Christmas
“A Child’s Christmas” by Kate James is a ‘feel good’ story for any season.  Paige is a single-mother with a very sick 7 year-old son, Jason.  They are facing his third battle with brain cancer and the prognosis isn’t promising.  Worried that it may be his last Christmas, Paige agrees when a friend suggests the Wish I May Foundation for fulfilling Jason’s Christmas wishes.  Enter Daniel, a handsome lawyer who gets matched with Jason to make his wishes come true.  Continue reading