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Beautiful Sentences

I always enjoy finding that perfect sentence in a book.  The one that speaks to me and I need to write it out in a special book that I keep just for that. Sometimes it’s a whole passage that I just need to keep to be able to read again and again.

Here is a post that shares many others’ favorite sentences:

51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature

Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Love and Heartache

His Name Was Ben
“His Name Was Ben”, by Paulette Mahurin is a tender, heart wrenching tale of love and friendship.  Sara is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer when she meets Ben in the waiting room of her oncologists office.  She is immediately drawn to him and surreptitiously gets his phone number.  She has just entered a clinical trial for a new treatment for her cancer and is hopeful it will work. Continue reading

An Illusion of Serenity

Life Drawing
“Life Drawing” by Robin Black is an intriguing and disquieting story of a couple struggling through the betrayals and intimacies that make up life.  Gus and Owen moved to the country to isolate themselves so Owen could write and Gus could paint.  As well, they were trying to distance themselves from the affair that Gus had and which continues to haunt them both. From the very start of the book we know that Owen has died and that is when Gus begins to relate the story of how it came to pass. Continue reading