A Mystical Journey Through the Dark Ages

The bones of the earth
Scott Bury’s “The Bones of the Earth” is a mystical, yet historical tale of a young man’s quest for truth and enlightenment.  The story takes place in eastern Europe during the sixth century, a time when Rome was crumbling and the barbarians were unleashing their power on helpless villagers.

As the story begins, Javor’s village is raided by Avors and two young girls are kidnapped.  He sets off with his friend and his great-grandfather’s dagger determined to save them.  When they return to the village his parents have both been killed by a giant monster.  At the same time a traveler named Photius arrives in the village and helps heal the injured villagers.  Together, Javor and Photius, head out to slay the monster and discover the meaning of the magical dagger and amulet that were Javor’s great grandfather’s.  Along the way they encounter dragons, barbarians, and other mythical creatures.

Bury has done his research on the historical setting and what was happening in that part of the world at that time.  He’s added in some dragons and other beasts and woven it together seamlessly.  The pacing is excellent, and while it was a long book it was a quick read.  I loved the character of Javor and how Bury shared his thoughts (or mental asides) with the reader.  There were even some light and humorous moments as well.

All in all if you are looking for a historical/fantasy/quest story I’d highly recommend it.

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