A Tale of a Tired Werewolf


Glen Duncan’s “The Last Werewolf” is an engaging story about a tired werewolf.  Jake has been roaming the world as a werewolf for 201 years.  Now, he is the last one left and is being hunted by vampires and the World Organization for the Control of Occult Phenomena (WOCOP).  The vampires want Jake alive so he can fight WOCOP for them.  WOCOP wants the werewolves eradicated.

The head of WOCOP is Grainer, whose father Jake ate, is gunning for him and wants to take him out during the next full moon.  Jake is lonely and depressed about being a monster and tired of the killing.  He wants it to end and Grainer seems like the man to do it, but Grainer wants him to fight back.

As they battle for a solution Jake learns he may not, after all, be alone.

This is a very imaginative tale.  I liked the character of Jake and Duncan’s development of his inner struggle and what makes him tick.

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