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Tweeps to the Rescue!

The Great Twitter Adventure
Kathy Lynn Hall’s “The Great Twitter Adventure” is a fun, fast paced adventure about 5 ‘Tweeps’ who ban together to save the world from a conspiracy to devalue the euro. Continue reading

Conspiracy Thriller

“Sedition”, a political thriller by Tom Abrahams, is a gripping tale of conspiracy and intrigue. The United States is in the grip of a constitutional crisis when the President dies of an aneurism while there is not a sworn Vice President.  The order of succession is under attack on all sides.  Into this political soup enter the Daturans, a group of 6 who broke off from the Tea Party and want to affect change in Washington.  With the crisis under way they plot to make the succession issue a non-issue. Continue reading

Terror on the Water

borderline by nevada barr
“Borderline”, by Nevada Barr, is part of the Anna Pigeon series that takes place in different National Parks.  This was my first Pigeon novel and I will be going back to read more.  It’s a stand alone read but good enough that I want to read more. Continue reading

Gripping Page Turner

The Lonely Mile
“The Lonely Mile”, by Allan Leverone, is a gripping thriller that will keep you turning the pages.  The writing style is smooth and the short chapters keep you moving forward.

Bill Ferguson, a divorced father and owner of two struggling hardware stores, stops the “I-90 serial killer’ from kidnapping a 17 year-old girl from a rest stop.  Thanks to thorough media coverage the disgruntled serial killer is able to track down Bill and target his own 17 year-old daughter, Carli. Continue reading

A New P.I. in Town

Ethan Justice Origins
“Ethan Justice – Origins” by Simon Jenner is an exciting debut novel and the first in a series that will be a must read.  It’s a fast paced thrill ride, filled with crazy villains and unlikely heroes.  The writing is witty and concise.

John Smith is the 32 year-old son of wealthy parents and is disappointing them with his lack of ambition.  His friend Bradshaw, a high-powered stock broker sets him up with Samantha, a newbie escort, then leaves him high and dry.  When John goes to Bradshaw’s to get money to pay Samantha he finds him brutally murdered.  And the adventure begins! Continue reading

Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Wow! “Gone Girl”, by Gillian Flynn, is every bit as good as all the press made it out to be.  When I first started reading the story I thought I knew where it was heading and was enjoying it.  Then, whammy! Plot twist!  There were more of those twists as the story went on.  Needless to say, I’m not going to reveal any of those here.

In brief, it’s Nick and Amy’s 12th wedding anniversary and Amy has disappeared.  By the condition of the home it is obvious she was taken by force and no one knows why.  There is no trail for the police to follow.  The only thing left behind is Amy’s anniversary present for Nick, which contains clues to lead him on an annual anniversary treasure hunt.  Continue reading

High Seas Adventure

Mason Key II

“Aloft and Alow” is the second novel in The Mason Key series by David Folz.  The adventure begins with John Mason aboard a British tall ship that is engaged in battle with a much larger French ship.  Through cunning and ingenuity John and another mate are able to board the French vessel and capture it empty.  Then with only the two of them and an injured mate they must sail this large ship through a hurricane.

They soon discover they are not alone on the ship and enlist the help of the young female stowaway and her seedy companion.  The storm is too much for them and the ship and John and Marie end up stranded on a deserted island.  As they make the best of their situation the Mason Key that John has been entrusted with reveals its 2nd secret. Continue reading

What Lurks Behind Closed Doors?

the neighbors are watching

“The Neighbors are Watching”, by Debra Ginsberg is an intriguing tale of what may go on behind closed doors in an otherwise normal neighborhood in San Diego.  The story begins when Joe Montana’s 17-year-old, pregnant daughter shows up on his front porch.  He had never told his wife Allison that he’d even fathered a child and she is suddenly thrust into their home.  Needless to say difficulties ensue.

Theirs is not the only house on the block with problems.  The overbearing neighbor and his nosy wife don’t seem to know that their son is high most of the time.  Another neighbor seems to be running a call girl operation out of her home. Then there’s the kid down the street alternately banging away at the piano or the basketball.

As summer becomes fall the unraveling continues until it culminates in the Santa Ana driven wildfires of 2007.  As fire closes in on the neighborhood everyone is evacuated; but not everyone returns.

I really enjoyed this novel.  The cast of characters were intriguing and well-developed.  The story was told from different points of view at different times so you were able to get in the head of the characters and see what was driving them and actually going on in their homes.  I thought Allison’s complete melt down was a bit much but, more understandable as the novel got into what the reason behind it was. The pacing of the story kept the pages turning and the suspense building.  All in all, a worthy read.

Who Will Save the World?

Earth Shifter“The Earth Shifter” by Lada Ray is the first novel in a paranormal YA trilogy about saving the world from its own destruction.  The Earth Keepers saved the world from the Comet of Karma in 1908. Now it is coming again and they must decide if the world is still worth saving.

Sasha is a teenage girl living in Moscow who has special talents and is being trained in their use by a Shaman named Tengis.  She is one half of the Key that can save the world from the Comet. Kei is a gifted Chinese teenager living in New York.  He is the other half of the Key and isn’t aware of his powers or his destiny.  Somehow they must find each other.

Ray weaves a complex tale with a great cast of characters.  She provides good detail on life in 1990’s  Russia, at the end of the Cold War.  The descriptions of Moscow and Siberia are rich and detailed. The theme of good versus evil is woven throughout the story.  Should mankind be saved from the Comet of Karma.  Is humanity worthy of redemption?

This is a great YA thriller that’s sure to please.  I think adult readers will enjoy it just as much as the Tweens.  Now to wait for Book 2, coming out at the end of the year.

Politics "Not" as Usual

running_cover-194x300“Running”, by Patrice Fitzgerald is not your run of the mill election story.  Catherine Young is the current Vice President of the United States and has been nominated the Democratic candidate for president in the upcoming election.  Her opposition is Jerusha Hutchins, a beauty-queen type who is married to a very prominent religious figure.

Catherine looks to be a “shoe-in” for the presidency until someone starts blackmailing her about an event in her past.  When she learns that the blackmailer is a member of her own staff the ante is upped and the hunt is on. Continue reading