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Getting Lost

The Lost
Sarah Beth Durst’s fantastical novel “The Lost” will keep you glued to the pages.  Durst has created a mystical town and filled it with strange people and objects. Continue reading

A Mystical Journey Through the Dark Ages

The bones of the earth
Scott Bury’s “The Bones of the Earth” is a mystical, yet historical tale of a young man’s quest for truth and enlightenment.  The story takes place in eastern Europe during the sixth century, a time when Rome was crumbling and the barbarians were unleashing their power on helpless villagers. Continue reading

The Saga (& Fun!) Continues

Kiera's Quest Perceptions
Kristy Brown’s 3rd installment in the Kiera’s Quest YA series, “Perceptions” does not disappoint.  It begins where “Sacrifices” left off.  The evil Witch Queen is on earth masked as Kiera and Daz, Joe, Maddy and the rest of the gang don’t know she isn’t really Kiera. Continue reading

Eerie Young Adult Tale

rosiscastleThe Young Adult fantasy “Rosi’s Castle”, by Edward Eaton is the first book in the Rosi’s Doors trilogy.  Rosi is a newly orphaned teenager who has been sent to live with her mysterious uncle in New Hampshire.  Strange things begin happening to her before she even arrives at Uncle Richard’s weird house. A confused Rosi believes she may have dreamed the mysterious girl in black into being.  The scratches on her body say otherwise. Continue reading