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A Supernatural Mystery

The Winter People
Jennifer McMahon’s “The Winter People” is a definite page turner.  Sara Harrison Shea was found murdered in a field behind her home in 1908, mere months after the death of her young daughter.  Rumors around town say she still walks the streets and that the woods are a dangerous place to be. Continue reading

A Tale of a Tired Werewolf


Glen Duncan’s “The Last Werewolf” is an engaging story about a tired werewolf.  Jake has been roaming the world as a werewolf for 201 years.  Now, he is the last one left and is being hunted by vampires and the World Organization for the Control of Occult Phenomena (WOCOP).  The vampires want Jake alive so he can fight WOCOP for them.  WOCOP wants the werewolves eradicated. Continue reading

A Peak at the Dark Side

“Darkness Within” by Christine Dougherty is a collection of short stories of a horrifying nature.  I’ve previously read her novel “The Devil Stood Up” and reviewed it here.  The first three chapters of the novel are included in this collection.  Dougherty has a dark style and the stories are suspenseful and disturbing.  I’ll highlight a few of my favorites.

In ‘The Owners’ the original owners of the planet have returned and have set child against parent in the slow methodical murder of the human race.  Edgy and disturbing.

‘More to Me’ is about a woman visiting her ‘inner child’ on the advice of her therapist.  It turns out her inner child is a brat and doesn’t like her very much.

‘Kings Mountain’ takes three different points of view on two mysterious deaths that span decades.

One of my favorites was ‘Victoria Dean – Serial Clerk’ about a woman who surreptitiously destroys the career of anyone who comes into conflict with her at We Mean Business, Inc., a division of Big, Big Business, Co.  I loved the company name and how she made the careers blow up.  Disturbing in it’s own way.

There are more stories and all are bound to set you thinking and give you a chill or two.  If you are a fan of dark horror stories this is for you.

Chilling Shorts!

“Little Shivers” by Gregory Blair is a collection of terrifying short stories sure to get your heart rate accelerating rapidly.  These six short stories all have something spooky and unexpected to chill you with.

In ‘Kitty’ things are not quite what they seem to be and will make you wonder what really goes on behind your neighbors’ closed doors.  While ‘It Isn’t Real’ demonstrates that you should never dismiss anything without some thoughtful consideration.

‘Ghostwriter’ gives a well respected author the opportunity to change a fledgling author’s convictions and in ‘The Last Room’ we learn sometimes it is best to trust your gut and keep away from spooky motels.

‘Knitting’ serves up revenge in a remarkable fashion and ‘Something in the Air’ will make you think twice about that middle of the night trip to the bathroom.

All the stories quickly build suspense and creep factor.  They will make you look for a brighter corner of the room to read them in.  Or perhaps a hand to hold.

A Spine Chilling Collection

Martin Pond’s short story collection, “Dark Steps”, will give you chills up and down your spine and keep you in suspense.  Not only are they well paced with a build up of suspense but they also twist in the end to something you weren’t expecting.

From a young man who is waiting in a barren white room of the future for an unknown test in Waiting Room, to a young boy who can’t understand why there are no Christmas presents for him under the tree in A Bit Christmassy you will be intrigued.  A deathbed revelation disturbs in The Inheritance.  Unexplained voices in Dream Feed. That’s just a sampling of the dark treats in this collection.

It is a great read for anyone who enjoys a suspenseful thought provoking tale.

This Devil Will Surprise You

Another great read! The Devil Stood Up by Christine Dougherty is packed with chilling images, heartrending drama and a Devil you may actually root for.

A woman brutally murders her child and a lawyer with far-reaching political ambitions manages to get her set free. The heinous nature of the crime and lack of justice attracts the Devil’s notice. The Devil decides he must stand up for the poor child and comes to earth. He’s determined to track down the arrogant lawyer and bring him to hell for early punishment. Once here he encounters a cast of characters who are either determined to send him back to Hell or aid him in his search for justice.

A word of warning – this novel is not for the easily squeamish. The murder the child is brutal and extremely disturbing. That being said, Christine has created a brilliant story with characters that come alive. Some you’ll hate and some you’ll love. The story twists and turns and keeps you guessing.

A Taste of Terror

If you like being scared and you like short stories, you need to read Jeff Bennington’s “Murdoch’s Eyes”!  It starts with a date that turned bad for Gina.  She hadn’t known the good looking man with the brilliant green eyes would end up being so freaky.  She flees the party but somehow Murdoch is in her mind and controlling her. Things rapidly go from bad to worse and she ends up in his lair where she encounters his very deformed brother.  What is she there for?  What will happen next?

I never spoil a story so you will need to read it to find out.  It’s well worth it.  There’s a bit of everything – creepiness, deformities, paranormal powers, strong minded heroine.  You won’t be disappointed.