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Terror on the Water

borderline by nevada barr
“Borderline”, by Nevada Barr, is part of the Anna Pigeon series that takes place in different National Parks.  This was my first Pigeon novel and I will be going back to read more.  It’s a stand alone read but good enough that I want to read more. Continue reading

A Supernatural Mystery

The Winter People
Jennifer McMahon’s “The Winter People” is a definite page turner.  Sara Harrison Shea was found murdered in a field behind her home in 1908, mere months after the death of her young daughter.  Rumors around town say she still walks the streets and that the woods are a dangerous place to be. Continue reading

The Mystery Continues

Red Sky Warning
“Red Sky Warning” by Wendy Young is the second novel in The Campbell Creek Mystery Series and does not disappoint.  The first novel Come the Shadows is also reviewed here.  Book 2 finds Will as town sheriff and Laura as mayor.  When Laura is involved in a hit and run that can only be deliberate the list of suspects is considerably long.  When mystery packages show up at the post office addressed to Laura and threatening letters show up in the mailbox the tension thickens. Continue reading

Murder Lights Up the Past

The Light in the Ruins
“The Light in the Ruins” by Chris Bohjalian is a page turner that is both a murder mystery and a historical tale.  The story takes place in the hills south of Florence in 1955 with flashbacks to 1943.  In 1955, Serafina Bettini, a detective with the Florence police, is investigating the brutal murder of Francesca Rosati.  The Rosati’s, an Italian noble family, had an ancient villa that was virtually destroyed at the end of the German occupation in 1943.  When a second member of the Rosati family is found murdered in much the same way the race is on to find the killer before any more of the family is killed. Continue reading

Deadly New Digs

Buyers Remorse
“Buyer’s Remorse” is the first novel in Lori Lake’s In The Public Eye series which promises to be well worth reading.  Leona (Leo) Reese is a 33 year-old beat cop who has failed her shooting re-qualification and has been temporarily loaned out to the Department of Human Services as a result.  On her first day on the job there is a suspicious death at an independent living facility.  Eleanor Sinclair and her partner, Callie, had recently moved into the facility and Callie has died under suspicious circumstances. Continue reading

Mysteries Abound in Paradise Valley

scent of lies“The Scent of Lies”, is Book 1 in the Paradise Valley Mystery Series by Debra Burroughs and it is chock full of mystery.  Emily is a young widow whose husband, Evan, was murdered six months ago and the murder has yet to be solved.  There is a new detective in town from the big city, Colin and things are about to change.  As Emily transitions from her real estate career to taking over Evan’s private investigation business things get shaken up in the small town of Paradise Valley.  Her first client (Evan’s last) is Delia, the owner of the largest factory in town. Continue reading

Office Romance & Mystery Combined

temp to perm

“Temp to Permanent” by Toni Noel is a fun romantic romp with elements of mystery and suspense thrown in to sweeten the plot.  When Carina Carrington’s secretary falls ill and the temp agency sends her Greg Lawless as a replacement, she knows she’s in trouble.  Greg takes her breath away at first glance and keeps her on her toes with his efficiency.  Even though there is a mutual attraction Greg keeps his distance to maintain his professional ethics.

As the missing secretary’s illness becomes protracted Carina begins having mysterious mishaps in her advertising business. It is as if someone is sabotaging her.  As the incidences mount she begins to suspect that Greg is a plant in her business by some rival bent on her destruction. Ultimately, together they will find the culprit and perhaps their own happiness. Continue reading

History, Romance and Suspense in One Place

“The Devil’s Dime”, by Bailey Bristol is a fast paced read that is at once suspenseful, historical and romantic.  The novel takes place in 1896 New York and the author brings that time period to life with her prose.

Jess Pepper has just arrived in New York City from Colorado.  He’s been hired as an investigative journalist for the New York Times.  He finds his first investigative mission in a 20 year-old case file titled “The Samaritan Files”.  It details 20 women who had been saved from the brink of death by a mystery man.

Addie Magee is a bright and talented young musician who is making a name for herself and her musical group, The Avalon Strings.  Jess catches a performance by the group and is instantly smitten with her. As they get to know each other Jess learns that Addie and her long lost father are entwined in the story he’s investigating, along with corrupt police officials making their living on the ‘devil’s dime’.  As the body count begins to rise and people disappear the suspense ratchets up.

This story had great characters; from Jess and Addie to Ford (Addie’s father) and Jess’ young protege, Tad.  I loved Addie’s character the most.  She was a strong willed, independent yet very feminine woman making her own way in the world.

I really appreciated the photos the author provided at the end of the book showing the different conveyances described in the book.  If you enjoy historical fiction of this nature you’ll definitely enjoy “The Devil’s Dime”.

Murder Most Unusual

In Lars Trodson’s “Eagles Fly Alone” the murder victim is most unusual – a bird!  The story opens with Langley Calhoun, the sheriff of a small New England town investigating a murder reported by Antonio, an 80+ war veteran.  He’d found a strange bird on his property that had obviously met foul play.  Antonio is convinced that the owners of the landfill which borders his property is somehow too blame.

When the bird turns out to be an endangered species of eagle from another part of the world Calhoun’s investigation heats up.  The town council does not want to upset the largest area employer and Calhoun faces opposition to his investigation.  Even from his own brother with whom he’s had a lifelong rivalry.  He’s aided in his investigation by park ranger and potential love interest, Delia.

The plot line of this story was very intriguing and took some unexpected twists.  The narrative flows and the suspense builds throughout the book.  The characters are well fleshed out and believable.  It’s a great summer (or anytime) read.  I’ll be looking for more from Trodson in the future.

Mystery in Middle America

“Julie, Do You Love Me?” by Stephen Spencer begins with a mysterious government program being discovered by the White House, resulting in orders to shut it down immediately.  A secret FBI team is assembled and the bodies start piling up.

Enter newlyweds, Paul Mallory & Julie Preston.  Julie leaves town suddenly on unexplained family business and Mallory is left questioning her love for him.  Shortly after she leaves he gets a telephone call that she has been found seriously injured in Reese City, Indiana.  A town which doesn’t happen to be on any maps. Mallory heads to Reese City to be with her.  All is not what it seems when he arrives in Reese City and they must defend their lives from multiple assailants.

I really enjoyed the character of Mallory and rooted for him the whole way through.  The writing is witty and well paced with an ending that will surprise you.  I do think that more hints of what was going on in Reese City and why Mallory & Julie were in trouble would have been helpful.  That being said, the ending did tie it all together and explain it.