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A Vision of the Future

“Trophy” by Paul M. Schofield is the first book in The Trophy Saga.  The year is 475 NVE (New Victorian Empire) and the technology has been developed to travel throughout space and other planets have been settled.  The New Victorian Empire began after the collapse of the Earth’s environment.  The Empire is run by a super computer that is guarded by women.  The computer has restored the environment but mankind is facing extinction.

Enter Star-Commander Abigail VanDevere and Lieutenant Janet Rogerton.  They must track down the rebel Galen Bestmarke who has Louis Franelli in his grasp.  Franelli is a scientist who has developed the technology to time travel.  Time travel will be the key to stopping the extinction of mankind.  Of course Bestemarke is using the technology to travel back in time to collect “trophies”.  I will let the reader discover what that entails on their own.

I loved the concept of the story.  It was very well though out and developed and kept my interest throughout.  Schofield even provides a glossary at the end that provides details about terminology and equipment in the new empire.

One of my favorite parts was the guide/pouncer mind link between the humans and cats.  Of course I am a cat lover.  Great read!

A Thrilling Trip Through Time!

Julia Hughes’ debut novel, “A Ripple in Time – Angel of the Titanic” is a wonderful novel with a unique concept.  It’s not your every day time travel story.

The story begins in the present day with Wren’s dreams intertwining with the dreams of Carina, who is a passenger on the Titanic.  As a result of this entanglement she learns from Wren’s mind what actually happens to the ship she is sailing on.  She warns  the captain and disaster is averted.  Or is it?

The change in the course of history from this ripple in the fabric of time results in a different world that is darker and much less advanced.  World War I has never ended and has become a ‘cold war’.  Women still do not vote and life is hard.

Wren knows that he needs to make things right again.  He enlists the help of his cousin Rhyllann and Carrie, who is a descendent of Carina.  He shares a special mental bond with Carrie and they grow close along the way.

Once they make it on to the Titanic the difficulty lies in allowing the crash to occur and not changing the original history.

This is truly a fascinating read!  I loved the whole concept of the altered reality.  The pace and action kept me rooted to the pages.  There was a little bit of everything in it.  Love, danger, humor and fantasy.  Enjoy!