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Young Adult

Stolen Youth

The Book Thief
“The Book Thief” my Markus Zusak was utterly captivating for me.  The story begins when Liesel Meminger is left in foster-care by her mother after the death of her brother.  It is 1939 Germany and Liesel’s father is missing and the family is on the run.  Liesel ends up in the care of the Hubermanns.  Mrs. Hubermann is abrasive and shrill; but Liesel finds a confidante in Mr. Hubermann.  Liesel is fascinated by books and when the opportunity presents itself she steals them. Continue reading

Kiera’s Final Quest

“Kiera’s Quest: Choices” is the final installment in Kristy Brown’s entertaining YA series.  “Choices” finds Kiera with no memory living among a race of women.  As she struggles to remember who she is they nurture her back to health. Continue reading

Winning is Just the Beginning

Caller Number Nine
“Caller Number Nine”, by Debbie Duncan is a delightful tale about a young woman coming of age in 1967 Los Angeles.  When the story begins 13 year-old Laura Hill, of Woodland Hills, wins the Jet Set radio contest on her favorite radio station.  The prize is a weekend in Hawaii with her favorite D.J.  Her 15 minutes of fame helps her make friends at her new school where she is still adjusting to the change.  As the trip comes and goes various obstacles and problems crop up and the issues of the time: women’s rights and Vietnam, all play into Laura’s growth. Continue reading

The Saga (& Fun!) Continues

Kiera's Quest Perceptions
Kristy Brown’s 3rd installment in the Kiera’s Quest YA series, “Perceptions” does not disappoint.  It begins where “Sacrifices” left off.  The evil Witch Queen is on earth masked as Kiera and Daz, Joe, Maddy and the rest of the gang don’t know she isn’t really Kiera. Continue reading

Star Crossed Love

The_Fault_in_Our_StarsJohn Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” is a brilliant young adult story of love, cancer and friendship that will speak to a person at any age.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer the characters on. Continue reading

Kiera’s Quest: Sacrifices

Kiera's Quest: Sacrifices

“Kiera’s Quest: Sacrifices” is the second installment in the Kiera’s Quest YA series by Kristy Brown.  The story picks up where “Awakenings” left off.  Kiera has joined forces with Prince Zakk to save their friends Joe and Daz from the clutches of the evil Witch Queen.

The pair must race against time and the Witch’s minions to free their friends from the Witch’s clutches and prevent her from taking over the Earth and the entire universe.

“Sacrifices” was very fast paced and hard to put down.  The great characters from “Awakenings” are back for more in this installment.  Plus there are some new fiends and friends to keep things interesting.  If you enjoyed the first book I think you will be entertained with Book 2.  If you haven’t yet read “Awakenings”, I recommend reading it first.

Eerie Young Adult Tale

rosiscastleThe Young Adult fantasy “Rosi’s Castle”, by Edward Eaton is the first book in the Rosi’s Doors trilogy.  Rosi is a newly orphaned teenager who has been sent to live with her mysterious uncle in New Hampshire.  Strange things begin happening to her before she even arrives at Uncle Richard’s weird house. A confused Rosi believes she may have dreamed the mysterious girl in black into being.  The scratches on her body say otherwise. Continue reading

Who Will Save the World?

Earth Shifter“The Earth Shifter” by Lada Ray is the first novel in a paranormal YA trilogy about saving the world from its own destruction.  The Earth Keepers saved the world from the Comet of Karma in 1908. Now it is coming again and they must decide if the world is still worth saving.

Sasha is a teenage girl living in Moscow who has special talents and is being trained in their use by a Shaman named Tengis.  She is one half of the Key that can save the world from the Comet. Kei is a gifted Chinese teenager living in New York.  He is the other half of the Key and isn’t aware of his powers or his destiny.  Somehow they must find each other.

Ray weaves a complex tale with a great cast of characters.  She provides good detail on life in 1990’s  Russia, at the end of the Cold War.  The descriptions of Moscow and Siberia are rich and detailed. The theme of good versus evil is woven throughout the story.  Should mankind be saved from the Comet of Karma.  Is humanity worthy of redemption?

This is a great YA thriller that’s sure to please.  I think adult readers will enjoy it just as much as the Tweens.  Now to wait for Book 2, coming out at the end of the year.

A YA Halloween Treat

“Shadow Slayer” is Book 2 of Laura A. H. Elliott’s Shadow Series and it does not disappoint.  We First met Roxie in “Thirteen on Halloween” when she astral-projected to Planet Popular.  Now she’s a high school freshman just trying to fit in to the new environment of high school.

She still wants to go back to Planet Popular to discover the mystery of the map; but, it seems that all is not right on Planet Earth.  Her friends are acting strange and her “perfect ten” boyfriend, Drew, is almost to good to be true.

The shadows from Planet Popular want to be human more than anything and they are trying to take over Roxie’s classmates.  It will be up to her to slay the shadow on her 14th birthday – Halloween.

I love Roxie’s character.  She’s matured since the last book but is still caught up in all the drama of starting high school and trying to fit in.  Elliott has made her a very believable young woman that anyone can relate to.  The mystery of what is happening to her classmates is well developed.

This is a very engaging YA series and I can’t wait to find out what happens to Roxie next!

A Little Prince Will Come

Kristy Brown’s “Kiera’s Quest: Awakenings is a great YA fairytale/fantasy novel.  It is the first in a series of Kiera’s Quest novels.

Kiera is a musically gifted high school student who has always had dreams of another world where she was protected by an unknown presence.  Zakk is the Prince of Zantar and the presence in Kiera’s dreams.  The Witch Queen wants to take over the kingdom of Zantar and turns Zakk into a doll and sends him to earth.

Kiera discovers Zakk, the doll, and together they must get Zakk back to Zantar before his birthday so the spell can be broken and the Witch Queen thwarted.

There were some great characters in this story.  They were fun and provided many amusing moments.  I especially liked Googe, the Witch Queen’s evil henchman.  Brown painted a good picture of the world of Zantar as well.  The story was well paced and held my interest.  And the ending definitely left me ready for more.