Dancing Naked in Dixie

dancing naked in dixie

“Dancing Naked in Dixie”, by Lauren Clark is a fun and entertaining read.  The novel is about New Yorker, Julia Sullivan, a travel writer whose new boss turns out to be her estranged father.   After years of jet-setting Julia’s starting to make mistakes and miss deadlines.  The new ‘boss’ gives her a make or break assignment in Eufalia, Alabama.  It’s not exactly the kind of place Julia normally frequents so she is less than excited.

Once in Eufalia to cover the annual Pilgrimage, Julia meets Shug who is head of the historical commission and tasked with showing her the highlights. She can’t help but notice his handsome, athletic build.  After spending time in the historic town and meeting many of the locals, Julia slowly gets embraced by the southern charm.  Then secrets come to light that may rock the town and change its course.

I thought the cast of characters was well-developed and fun.  Julia was less than perfect with many foibles that were endearing.  Shug is a charming white knight with a family of slightly wacky people and a strange fiancé.  Clark gave each character a little something special.

The story was engaging and funny.  There were some laugh out loud moments for me.  There was just enough suspense in it to keep things interesting as well.   So I’d say grab a copy and bring it to the beach this summer.


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