Deadly New Digs

Buyers Remorse
“Buyer’s Remorse” is the first novel in Lori Lake’s In The Public Eye series which promises to be well worth reading.  Leona (Leo) Reese is a 33 year-old beat cop who has failed her shooting re-qualification and has been temporarily loaned out to the Department of Human Services as a result.  On her first day on the job there is a suspicious death at an independent living facility.  Eleanor Sinclair and her partner, Callie, had recently moved into the facility and Callie has died under suspicious circumstances.

As Leo struggles with the investigation, hindered by lack of assistance from her immediate supervisor, she is also dealing with headaches and vision issues.  Her romantic partner, Daria, is prosecuting her first big case and it is not going well.  The tension in their home and lack of support adds to the ordeal for Leo.

This was a very engaging mystery and the character of Leo is someone you will want to follow into book 2 of the series.  The writing is concise and the pacing keeps you turning pages to find out what happens next.  Well worth a read.

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