Eerie Young Adult Tale

rosiscastleThe Young Adult fantasy “Rosi’s Castle”, by Edward Eaton is the first book in the Rosi’s Doors trilogy.  Rosi is a newly orphaned teenager who has been sent to live with her mysterious uncle in New Hampshire.  Strange things begin happening to her before she even arrives at Uncle Richard’s weird house. A confused Rosi believes she may have dreamed the mysterious girl in black into being.  The scratches on her body say otherwise.

As Rosi grapples with her new life in this strange place weirdness abounds: from doors that open and close by themselves, food that magically appears to strange weather that changes from one moment to the next. She is aided in her search for the truth by Jesse, a paranormal reporter that no one else can see or hear.

I quite enjoyed the story, although some of the earlier “dream” sequences were a bit confusing for me.  As the story moved along it did make more sense.  Rosi is a great character.  Eaton did very well in crafting a believable teenage girl.  One that you will want to follow through the rest of the trilogy.

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