Faith Found

The God Gene

“The God Gene”, by Jaymie Simmon is a gripping story of science and faith and where they might intersect.  Rosalind Evans is a brilliant scientist working on a cure for leukemia. Her young daughter, Claire died from the disease and Rosalind feels responsible because she wasn’t able to save her.  Her work at the prestigious Clearbrook Institute involves mapping the genetic code of leukemia patients so that a cure can be achieved.

As she is about to deliver her presentation to her superiors, the director, Benton Bradshaw, discovers words spelled out in the midst of the code.  After reviewing all of the code for the entire gene they discover the Ten Commandments embedded in the code.

Rosalind, an atheist after her daughter’s death, believes it is corporate sabotage.  Benton blames Rosalind for screwing it up.  When a Clearbrook employee leaks the information to the press all hell breaks loose.

Simmons has created an amazing cast of characters.  From sleazy Mike the Tech, world-famous blogger – Starry Messenger, Ron Vaniere – reporter extraordinaire, to politicians and cardinals.  Rosalind’s character is both strong and struggling.  Simmon makes her someone you can root for.

This is a fast paced, exciting story filled with political maneuvering, corporate espionage, Vatican edicts and religious fanatics.  I really enjoyed the writing and was happy that it didn’t go overboard on the science and technology.  It kept me turning the pages far into the night.  There were a few small errors in my copy; but overall it was outstanding.

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