Finding Grace


“Grace”, by T. Greenwood, is a haunting and beautiful story about a family coming apart and finding each other again.  The Kennedy family is falling apart and they don’t know just how far they will fall.  Trevor is a thirteen year old loner who is ostracized and bullied by his classmates because of his size.  As the anger builds in him and threatens to boil over he finds solace in the camera his art teacher gives him. Trevor begins recording the images of his family and its spiral.

Kurt, the father, is working a second job as he tries desperately to keep his business from going under.  Elsbeth, the mother, is disenchanted with where her life has ended up and compulsively shoplifts for the thrill of it.  Then there is Gracy, Trevor’s little sister, who is everything good and true in his world.  His photos of them trigger a reaction in the pregnant teen photo clerk, Crystal who sees them.

Greenwood so clearly develops the characters that you can almost feel their pain and despair. The story is told from alternate viewpoints which allows the reader to more fully grasp what each one is going through.

This is a must read.  It grabbed me right from the beginning and as I neared the end I couldn’t put it down.

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