Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Wow! “Gone Girl”, by Gillian Flynn, is every bit as good as all the press made it out to be.  When I first started reading the story I thought I knew where it was heading and was enjoying it.  Then, whammy! Plot twist!  There were more of those twists as the story went on.  Needless to say, I’m not going to reveal any of those here.

In brief, it’s Nick and Amy’s 12th wedding anniversary and Amy has disappeared.  By the condition of the home it is obvious she was taken by force and no one knows why.  There is no trail for the police to follow.  The only thing left behind is Amy’s anniversary present for Nick, which contains clues to lead him on an annual anniversary treasure hunt. 

The story alternates perspectives between Nick and Amy (using Amy’s diary).  Flynn reveals the psyches of the characters in this way.  The details that slowly emerge are stunning and build the suspense.  You just can’t be sure what twist might happen next.

I think Flynn’s writing in this novel was brilliant and took very unexpected directions.  The characters, both the main ones and the supporting cast (Nick’s sister, the detectives, grifters) were well-developed and delightfully quirky and in some cases psychotic.

If you like suspense and unpredictability “Gone Girl” is for you.

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