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The Lonely Mile
“The Lonely Mile”, by Allan Leverone, is a gripping thriller that will keep you turning the pages.  The writing style is smooth and the short chapters keep you moving forward.

Bill Ferguson, a divorced father and owner of two struggling hardware stores, stops the “I-90 serial killer’ from kidnapping a 17 year-old girl from a rest stop.  Thanks to thorough media coverage the disgruntled serial killer is able to track down Bill and target his own 17 year-old daughter, Carli.

After Carli is taken, in part due to the FBI’s handling of the threat, is at a loss of what to do.  When he ekes out a bit of memory from the rest stop incident and turns it into a lead, he takes things into his own hands.

I liked the way Leverone changed the view points in some chapters.  We got to know what was happening from the point of view of the different characters.  Bill was a likeable character, a reluctant hero who berates himself after his daughter becomes involved.  The serial killer is seriously creepy and it’s disturbing to get “inside his head”.

The story also brings to light the very real problems of human trafficking world-wide.  Leverone includes, what I’m sure are some very real and disturbing statistics about the situation.

If you like a good thriller I think you’ll enjoy “The Lonely Mile”.

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