Heartwarming Holiday

A Child's Christmas
“A Child’s Christmas” by Kate James is a ‘feel good’ story for any season.  Paige is a single-mother with a very sick 7 year-old son, Jason.  They are facing his third battle with brain cancer and the prognosis isn’t promising.  Worried that it may be his last Christmas, Paige agrees when a friend suggests the Wish I May Foundation for fulfilling Jason’s Christmas wishes.  Enter Daniel, a handsome lawyer who gets matched with Jason to make his wishes come true.  Daniel is a divorce lawyer and has become jaded about marriage and love in general.  Through unexpected circumstances Daniel ends up delivering one of Jason’s gifts in person on Christmas day.  As the three spend time together they all become smitten with each other.

This story had everything – tears, laughter, a bit of suspense.  James did a wonderful job with the characters.  Paige is a very strong female who is fierce in her determination to do whatever it takes to save her son.  Jason is an amazing child filled with wisdom and optimism.  I loved how Daniel got so caught up in the challenge of making Christmas special for Jason.  James alternated the point of view between Paige and Daniel so that the reader gets an understanding of what is driving each of the characters.   The cast of quirky neighbors was a treat as well.

A great wholesome read to start your holiday season off in the right direction!

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