Internet Dating Unleashed
“” by RW Bennett is unique take on the world of internet dating.  Paul Latimer is a venture capitalist looking for the next great idea so he can finally earn his father’s approval.  He’s been living in his rather lengthy shadow all his life.  When he receives an invitation to purchase the domain name along with a suggestion of making it an internet dating site he hatches a brilliant start-up.

Marsha Underwood is the woman Paul wants by his side in this venture.  He’d met her years ago in college and has been in love with her ever since.  He woos her away from Microsoft and she becomes his Director of Marketing.  As the site takes off and marriages start happening at an accelerated rate, Marsha begins to suspect that all is not what it seems.  As she pokes around bad things start happening.

This was a good story idea and Bennett put a great spin on it.  The main characters, Marsha and Paul were both well-developed.  It is really hard to find anything to like about Paul which is just how it should be.  I did find there to be too many ancillary characters that didn’t really drive the story.  There were also parts that came across as instructional or informational and just bogged it down a bit.  Overall it was enjoyable.

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