Marriage Most Deadly

The Silent Wife
“The Silent Wife”, by A. S. A. Harrison, is the story of a relationship that is rapidly unraveling and the deadly consequences of betrayal.  Jodi and Todd have been together for years and have developed a pattern of living which works for them.  Todd cheats and Jodi pretends not to know.  He’ll buy her a gift and all will be well.  Her way of thinking is that if they don’t confront the issues they don’t exist.

This comes to an end when Todd’s current fling becomes pregnant and insists he marry her.  As Todd shifts his life to be with the mother of his child, Jodi discovers that she has no rights to any of their joint property because they’d never been legally married.  Finally, being forced out of her home will drive her to murder.  That is not a spoiler because Jodi indicates in the first chapter that it only took a few months to drive her to become a murderer.

The  novel has been compared to “Gone Girl”, but the only connection that I see is that it is about a husband and wife and murder.  The stories are decidedly different and excellent in their own ways.  Harrison’s story focuses on the faults in the relationship and how they both came to be in their current situation.  Both characters are deeply flawed and Harrison highlights each of their struggles by alternating the voice in each chapter.

I really enjoyed the novel, but if you are expecting a thriller you will be disappointed.  It’s a great story but it’s not suspenseful or action packed.

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