Mysteries Abound in Paradise Valley

scent of lies“The Scent of Lies”, is Book 1 in the Paradise Valley Mystery Series by Debra Burroughs and it is chock full of mystery.  Emily is a young widow whose husband, Evan, was murdered six months ago and the murder has yet to be solved.  There is a new detective in town from the big city, Colin and things are about to change.  As Emily transitions from her real estate career to taking over Evan’s private investigation business things get shaken up in the small town of Paradise Valley.  Her first client (Evan’s last) is Delia, the owner of the largest factory in town.

Not long after Emily begins tailing Delia’s husband Ricardo he ends up dead and Delia is holding the knife.  As the case becomes finding out who killed Ricardo, Emily and Colin are thrown together investigating from both sides of the aisle.  Amidst the investigation  Emily uncovers mysteries about Evan that leave her wondering if she really knew him at all.

Burroughs has created a great cast of characters in this novel.  The main players, Emily, Colin, Isabel and Alex are nicely developed and likeable characters.  The pacing is fast and the unraveling of the mystery keeps you reading to find out what happens next.  A fun read! I look forward to more in the series.


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