Office Romance & Mystery Combined

temp to perm

“Temp to Permanent” by Toni Noel is a fun romantic romp with elements of mystery and suspense thrown in to sweeten the plot.  When Carina Carrington’s secretary falls ill and the temp agency sends her Greg Lawless as a replacement, she knows she’s in trouble.  Greg takes her breath away at first glance and keeps her on her toes with his efficiency.  Even though there is a mutual attraction Greg keeps his distance to maintain his professional ethics.

As the missing secretary’s illness becomes protracted Carina begins having mysterious mishaps in her advertising business. It is as if someone is sabotaging her.  As the incidences mount she begins to suspect that Greg is a plant in her business by some rival bent on her destruction. Ultimately, together they will find the culprit and perhaps their own happiness.

Carina was a great character.  I liked that she was strong and independent but also showed some vulnerability and insecurity.  Noel allowed the character to grow through the novel to realize that sometimes it is okay to not be perfect and that success alone doesn’t make a happy life.  I also enjoyed the fact that the book took place in San Diego since that is where I call home.  It added a personal element for me.

The romance aspect of the story was somewhat predictable but the mystery aspect kept things moving along and added suspense.  I would recommend this for anyone looking for a light romantic read with a touch of mystery.

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