Poignant Tale of Love and Loss

come-back to me

Melissa Foster’s novel, “Come Back to Me” is a poignant tale of love, loss and trust.  It tugs at the heart strings and makes you wish for second chances.

Tess Johnson owns a successful employment agency and her husband Beau is a photojournalist.  Beau is sent on assignment to Iraq where his helicopter crashes in the desert.  At the crash site no bodies are found.

Shortly before the crash Tess discovers that she is unexpectedly pregnant.  Beau always told her that he would come back to her and without the presence of a body she refuses to believe he is dead.  She knows that she would feel it if he was gone.  After many months family and friends start telling her to move on and get on with her life.

Meanwhile Beau has been found by Saha, a doctor, and Samira, who is fleeing from an abusive husband with her children.  They nurse Beau back to health and he helps them find safety. When Beau returns to Tess what happens next will truly test their love and trust in each other.

This story was packed with emotion.  Foster’s prose enables you to feel the suffering of Tess and Beau and their intense love for each other.  It will make you at turns weep, rage and hold your loved ones close.  I recommend keeping the Kleenex handy.

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