Putting the Fun in Unemployment

“FUnEMPLOYMENT: a.k.a. Jobbus Interruptus by Jayne Grey is a light-hearted look at internet dating in your 40’s and how having your life derailed by a job loss can actually be a good thing.  Lexi has lost her IT job and finally taken her daughter and left her abusive boyfriend.  She then begins the process of reinventing herself with the help of her friends and the internet.

The novel was very funny with many laugh out loud parts.  Much of it rings true as well.  However, it was more a series of vignettes than a flowing story.  Not that it is necessarily bad, but you should know what you are getting into.  Also, my copy did have a good number of grammatical and spelling errors.  That may or may not have been corrected by now.  Overall a fun read if you are looking for some giggles.

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