Reality Can Be Fun!

“Unscripted” by Natalie Aaron & Marla Schwartz is a fun look at the crazy world of reality TV shows, with some romance thrown in.  Abby Edwards is a producer for a reality TV dating show.  When her ex-boyfriend is the screenwriter of a wildly successful movie she is left feeling that her life is going nowhere and not at all what she’d hoped it would be.  She’s been stuck in the reality world rut, scrabbling from one show to the next, with no way out.

On her current show she reconnects with a director she worked with in the past, Will Harper.  Sparks fly for Abby right away but she’s pretty sure he doesn’t like her at all.  As production on the show gets underway her friends, Zoe, Stephanie and Nancy, offer advice and moral support.  The wackiness that entails during the taping of the show, as well as the cast of oddballs working with her keeps the laughter flowing.

I really liked the characters in the book.  Abby was a very down-to-earth, believable character.  I could sympathize with her struggles and the trouble she got into.  Her friends were all quirky in their own way and helped Abby in her growth.  I think the romance aspect could have been a little more developed though.  It was more of a side issue to the stagnant career.

All in all a very fun read!

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