Romance in Dangerous Times

Call Me Duchess
“Call Me Duchess”, by Maggie Dove is a Victorian romance with a touch of Gothic intrigue thrown in for good measure.  The Wiggins’ sisters, whose father has gambled away their savings and their home, are off to London to land husbands during one “London Season” or resort to life as governesses.  Marguerite, the eldest, has long set her sights on the very eligible and wealthy Duke of Wallingford.

Meanwhile, there is a rapist targeting the ton and the sisters are put under the chaperonage of Aston James.  James is an incredibly handsome man, but, not nearly as eligible as the wealthy Duke.  As the sisters meet and pair up with bachelors, Marguerite becomes torn between Aston and the Duke.

I haven’t read a Victorian romance in quite some time and was very much caught up in Dove’s tale.  The romance and intrigue hit just the right pitch and the characters were interesting and engaging.  Marguerite’s sister, Penny, was a treat.  She had no filters when speaking and no idea how badly she played piano.  The mystery of who the rapist was kept me guessing until all was revealed.

All in all, if you like this genre I think you are in for a treat.

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