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You Can Go Home Again!

The Truth About Hope
Kate James’ soon to be released new novel is a wonderful story of going home again and second chances.  When Hope’s mother dies when she is 17, she is forced to leave her boyfriend Luke and all that she has known in Canyon Creek.  The father that abandoned them both, as well as the town, insists that she come and live with him in San Jose, CA.

When Hope turns 18 she leaves her aloof father and strikes out to make her own way in the world.  Eventually she reunites with her father again and is charged with going back to Canyon Creek and making reparations for him.  Will the towns people forgive her or her father for their abandonment?  What about Luke, whom she still loves?

This was a great story that truly was ‘heartwarming’.  The characters James created are both real and easy to relate to.  The locals who are less than welcoming when she returns – anyone who’s lived in a small turn can relate to those types.  Luke and Hope – each with their own secrets and yearnings are any young lovers.

I really enjoyed Hope’s story and recommend it if you are looking for a ‘feel good’ read.