The Saga (& Fun!) Continues

Kiera's Quest Perceptions
Kristy Brown’s 3rd installment in the Kiera’s Quest YA series, “Perceptions” does not disappoint.  It begins where “Sacrifices” left off.  The evil Witch Queen is on earth masked as Kiera and Daz, Joe, Maddy and the rest of the gang don’t know she isn’t really Kiera.

Meanwhile Kiera and Prince Zakk are making their way to earth to earth through the vortex so that Kiera can rejoin her family and friends.  They must travel through a number of realms and they gain helpers along the way.  Will they be able to stop the evil Queen’s plans to take over and destroy the earth’s realm?

Brown continues to deliver an engaging and well-paced story.  I loved the addition of the Capetorads and the multiplying Mason.   The stories are very fun and engaging and I’ll be looking forward to book 4.

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