Weaving Past & Present

Maiden's VeilI just finished reading “Maiden’s Veil” by Lisa Constantino and really enjoyed it.  I found myself not wanting to put it down, which is always a good sign.  The story was both tragic and engaging.

The story moves between past and present and gradually weaves it into one fabric.  Clarinda Asher is a weaver in a remote mid-evil English village.  She has been banished to live atop a hill outside the village after participating in an ancient fertility ceremony called the Maiden’s Veil.  Jess is a modern-day weaver from America who wanders into Clarinda’s village in search of fabric and inspiration.  There she meets Owen, a disenchanted husband and historian.  They immediately spark a connection that will have far-reaching consequences for both them and the town.  As the details of Clarinda’s banishing slowly emerge and secrets are revealed, parallel events take place in the present day.

Constantino has done a great job developing all of the major characters in the story, including Benjamin, Clarinda’s one true love, and Sharon, Owen’s mean-spirited wife.  The secondary characters of Daniel, Beata, Brunell and Nate were engaging as well.  The heart-break caused by secrets kept and errors in judgement resounded as a result.

One word of caution to the reader, the story has pagan rituals and earth worship as the predominate theme so if this is something you are sensitive about you may want to pass.  Otherwise I say it’s a great read.

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