Who Will Save the World?

Earth Shifter“The Earth Shifter” by Lada Ray is the first novel in a paranormal YA trilogy about saving the world from its own destruction.  The Earth Keepers saved the world from the Comet of Karma in 1908. Now it is coming again and they must decide if the world is still worth saving.

Sasha is a teenage girl living in Moscow who has special talents and is being trained in their use by a Shaman named Tengis.  She is one half of the Key that can save the world from the Comet. Kei is a gifted Chinese teenager living in New York.  He is the other half of the Key and isn’t aware of his powers or his destiny.  Somehow they must find each other.

Ray weaves a complex tale with a great cast of characters.  She provides good detail on life in 1990’s  Russia, at the end of the Cold War.  The descriptions of Moscow and Siberia are rich and detailed. The theme of good versus evil is woven throughout the story.  Should mankind be saved from the Comet of Karma.  Is humanity worthy of redemption?

This is a great YA thriller that’s sure to please.  I think adult readers will enjoy it just as much as the Tweens.  Now to wait for Book 2, coming out at the end of the year.

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